Bonus Weekend Events – Blues and Art

For all of you coming to Polson this weekend for the triathlon, I wanted to make sure you knew about two more local events to enjoy before and after the race.  First, the Flathead Lake Blues Festival will have some great bands playing both Friday and Saturday nights on their lakefront stage on Salish Point (0.25 mi north of Riverside Park).  To make it more enticing, you will be getting 50% discount vouchers for Blues Festival tickets in your race bags at check-in.  Then, the first annual Flathead Lake Festival of Art will start at 10:00 am on Saturday in Sacajawea Park just north of the bridge.  This will provide alternate options for spectators during the slower parts of the race, and give participants something to check out in between racing, lunch, and awards.  We are very appreciative of the cooperation among the organizers as they coordinate three events in such close proximity, so please be as courteous and supportive of their efforts as possible.